Thursday, December 20, 2007

Company Christmas party

Last night was Marc's company christmas party. It was downtown at a cool place called The Alta Club. The dinner was delicious, with things like giant shrimp cocktail, beef tenderloin wrapped in bacon, charbroiled salmon, deviled eggs, and mini cheesecakes in lemon, raspberry and chocolate. Just look at the size of these shrimp!

what i ate - plate 2

One of the highlights of the night was definitely the CEO of Marc's company (whom I had never met before) and his velvet pants with little skull and crossbones wearing a Santa hat! It was so cool! Horrible pictures, but the only ones I could get of the awesome pants:


santa pants

You just had to see them to believe it! It was a great night and a very needed night out for Marc and I. We hadn't had an opportunity to get dressed up and go out without Mason for a long time!

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