Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Recap

We had such a wonderful Christmas this year ... we were so excited to be in our new house and finally have a place big enough to have all our families over. My parents and brother came over, and so did Marc's family: his parents, my brother in law's 3 kids, Grandpa and Jeanie, Jillian and Michael and their 2 kids, and Graig and his fiance Kaity. It was a little crazy with so many young kids, but it was so fun. It's great that Mason has so many cousins around his age to grow up with!

Christmas 2007

1. dont hide the dogs presents under the tree, 2. neighbor gifts, 3. friends, 4. the first look, 5. first things first, 6. puzzle time, 7. scoping out the wagon, 8. checking things out, 9. what is it?, 10. hurry up, dad!, 11. farm!, 12. meemaw with her new camera, 13. drum, drum, drum, 14. baseball!, 15. moving the air hockey table, 16. granpappy, mason & meemaw, 17. christmas day snow, 18. playing wii, 19. stockings., 20. early christmas morning.

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