Sunday, December 30, 2007


While Marc's whole family was here at Christmastime we celebrated my nephews birthday. AJ turned two years old! We went to a kids play place called Jungle Jims. The kids had so much fun! Mason especially loved the carousel:


He just wanted to ride it around and around! Mason's been on tons of rides before ... from when we lived in California and had Disneyland passes ... but he's never been on a ride ALL BY HIMSELF. This was a big moment for him and I both! Here he is with his little friend, Corinne. Mason's trying to put the moves on her by putting his arm behind her back oh-so-slyly!


We had a fun time with everyone and letting the kids run around and play. Click the picture below to check out some more pictures of the party, and be sure to notice the birthday cake -- I made it!

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