Saturday, November 24, 2007


Before we moved to Utah, but after I knew we were *going* to move to Utah, I heard about an opportunity to be a volunteer at the Sundance Film Festival this year (well, technically next year, since it's in January '08). I'm getting more and more excited about it. I only signed up to be part-time, which is committing to a minimum of five 4-hour shifts - but with the unlimited possibility to pick up more.

I have thoroughly read and signed my volunteer agreement and release form:


I agreed to not take any stalkerazzi photos (at least during the times that I'm working!) like this one:


I'm hopefully going to be working inside of the retail store located in the Egyptian Theater in Park City (one of the main venues for films and Q&A sessions at the festival):

I get a free film voucher for every 4 hours that I work ... so that's at least 5 free films. I've been poring over the entries list trying to decide what I want to see. Most of my family goes up to the festival at some point -- it's fun to just walk up and down main street looking for celebrities and getting all the free SWAG everyone is giving away. Now they'll also be able to come visit me!

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