Sunday, September 9, 2007

Moving In!

Last weekend was the big move! We were able to get the house packed up in California quicker than we anticipated, and so we left California on Sunday night (September 2nd, 2007) instead of Monday. We stayed overnight Sunday night so we could get up nice and early Monday morning to finish the drive and be all ready to unpack the truck!

We LOVE our new house and new neighborhood - it's so beautiful and there's so many cute houses and parks nearby and nice people.

Here's our street, ours is the fourth one down:

We have a community lake that you can fish and canoe in:

We have a community garden - so we're going to grow our own veggies next summer:

And there are tons of walking trails all over the neighborhoods and green spaces:

I'm still working on getting boxes unpacked and things organized, but here's one picture of our new kitchen/dining room -- that area is mostly done!

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