Friday, July 6, 2007

Swimming lessons

Mason graduated from his first ever swimming class! We had been taking lessons from the local community college, and he absolutely loved it. His instructor was Amanda, a 19 year old college student who always sported a cowboy hat that Mason was enthralled with.

He learned (or tried to begin to understand the thought of!) skills such as kicking, blowing bubbles, back floating, hanging onto the wall, crawling out using the ladder and holding his breath under water. Mason's adaptation of these skills came across as: pull Mama's bathing suit top off, splash Mama in the face as much as possible, get upset when Mama took the toys away, and reach out for Amanda anytime she got close to him making Mama feel unwanted and second rate.

By the end of the two weeks he was acing the back-float and had made a new little friend, Tristan, who we have a playdate with later this week. He is going to be a great swimmer!

Also, this last picture, this is what we have dubbed Mason's dainty hands. Is this the girly vibe he is sending out that I am so oblivious to????

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